Where to Buy Crutches? And How Much Do They Cost?

Have you somehow injured your leg? Well, there is a high chance that you will need to get a pair of crutches to help you move around.

Walking without them will be very difficult for you. You might even end up hurting your leg far more without assistance.

Now, you will face a lot of choices for places to buy the crutches. We are here so that you can select the right place to buy them from.

Keep on reading to find out all the best places.

Why Do You Need the Crutches?

At first, before you learn where to get the crutches from, you need to know why you need them in the first place. So, when you injure your leg, you must keep your weight off your leg. That is where the crutches come in. They are there to support you and your weight so that there is no pressure on your injured leg.


The crutches will help you to move around, walk, sit even climb up and down the stairs. You will feel difficulties in doing all of these without any support. And thus, the crutches will help you out in all these mundane tasks.

Where Can You Buy Crutches?

Choices are always difficult to make, especially when you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Also, each of the places has its own positive and negative aspects that you must consider before you make any decision.

  • Buy the Crutches Online

Nowadays, we can get pretty much everything from online stores. You can also get crutches from various online stores for you.


Also, you will be able to find large vendors on the internet who have a range of crutches that you can choose from. Like you do with all types of online shopping, the choices will be presented to you with a listing of all of its features and benefits. That will surely help you decide.

The only concern here would be finding the right size of crutches for your use, as the size of the sticks largely depends on your height as well as weight. If you keep your eyes open for any information regarding these matters, then you will surely be able to pick a perfect one.

Online shopping will make it easier for you to look through the options as well, so you will have an easier time comparing them.

  • Get It from the Hospital

Whenever you break your leg or sprain it, the first place you go to is the hospital or a doctor's clinic. You understand your situation from them, and based on what they have to say about your condition, they make recommendations.

Also, you will be able to get a wide range of crutches to choose from when you opt to get yourself a pair from the hospital. Not only will you be able to make a choice between different models, but you will also have the opportunity to select the style that would go best with your strength.

Mainly, the best part of buying your crutches from the doctor or the hospital would be that the ones they offer are the best of the bunch and are far more reliable than any other available in the market.

  • Get It from a Drug Store or Pharmacy

There are large pharmacies as well as drugstores all across the country. You will have an easier time locating one of these and finding the right crutch for yourself.

Moreover, you might be able to find them in all the outlets. However, if you happen to come across a larger one, then that should be a good enough location to spot the ones suited for you.

The likelihood of you getting a variety is very slim because not many people come to these places looking for crutches. But the ones you will find here are going to be good enough for the price they charge.

  • Try to Borrow from a Friend or Relatives

Even though injuring oneself is not a very common occurrence, we all have a few people in our lives who have actually broken their legs and have used crutches to move around. These people are less likely to need it again in the future. So, to save some money, you can borrow theirs for the time you need assistance to walk.

It is wiser for you to borrow than to buy them because, after some use, the sticks are going to become useless. So, not only are you going to be wasting money behind something that will be of no use after some time, but also something that will take up a lot of space at your home.

  • Get Them from a Medical Supplier

Many people have the phone numbers of local medical suppliers. They opt for calling the suppliers up and ordering the medicines they need rather than going to the pharmacy or drugstores. You can order your crutches from them too.

Now, the choices you will get from them will be pretty much the same as the ones you would have gotten at the stores, but here you have the advantage of staying at home and ordering through the phone.

However, the major downside of this whole thing is that you will not be able to see how it is in real life, and therefore might end up selecting one that isn’t right for you.

By now, we have explored all the possible places you can get your crutches from. Now all you need to decide is which one would be the easiest and most convenient option for you.

How Much Do the Crutches Cost?

Well, this is not something you will have to worry about as much if you have good health insurance, and your insurance company will pay for the ones you want to buy. Even if the insurer pays for the crutches, you will not get a lot of choices and will have to get one of the regular ones.


But if your insurance policy does not cover the cost of the crutches, then you will have to buy one for yourself. The very basic ones will cost you anywhere between $20 to $40. But if you want to get the more luxurious version of the crutches, then it might be around $100.

The highest you might have to pay for a pair of crutches would be $400, and that is if you end up getting a hands-free one.

So again, it all comes down to your preference. If you do not want to spend a pretty penny on something that you will only use for a few weeks, then it would be better to go for normal ones. But, if you have special requirements, then you can do a bit of research to figure out which one would cater to your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to your preference and choice. You have a lot of places that you could go to if you are looking for a pair of crutches. A bit of analysis is required before you make a final decision.

  • Updated March 28, 2020
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