A Guide to Renting Crutches: Where and How?

In a misfortunate accident, you ended up breaking a leg, or too much exercise led to a hamstring injury. After a visit to the accident, the doctor tells you that you’ll need a crutch for a few days.

Since the doctor has said that you only need them for a few days, you think it is a good idea to go about renting a crutch. Another reason could be that your health insurance sadly doesn’t seem to cover this.

So, where do you go about renting a crutch? How do you even rent a crutch? Those questions will be answered hopefully to your satisfaction in this article.

Where to Rent Crutches

First of all, before even looking for a crutch, make sure you know what type of crutch you’re looking for and the required parameters or measurements.


If you do not know what you’re looking for, it will definitely end up being a challenge to find and rent a crutch that will suit your needs. Once you know what type of crutch you are looking for, you can begin looking for crutches in the areas or places given below.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Everyone’s had their fair share of scrapes and bruises and even broke their legs once or twice.

You’ve probably heard their stories and even seen them come to school leaning on their crutches. Some people don’t like to part with things, and that might include crutches too probably as a reminder to be careful and not have to pay a visit to the hospital.

Either way, you can go to them and ask them to loan you the crutch they’re not using. Make sure it is a good fit as badly fitted crutches can cause severe discomfort and damage your arm. Also, check to see if it’s sturdy and in good condition.

If it doesn’t feel stable, then don’t risk using it. In case that the crutch is generally in good condition, but the rubber sole is worn out, then there is no need to worry as you can easily replace the rubber sole.

Online is the Way to Go

If the crutches your friends have are not in good shape or simply don’t comfortably fit your arm, then it is probably the best to go to a place where you can easily scour for your preferred crutch.

The best option you can opt for is agilitihealth.com, a site dedicated to the management of medical equipment. They have everything you might need and specialize in handling such equipment and renting them or supplying them to the people in need.

This site is a good general option. If you want alternatives, there are many local places that offer similar transport services and provide the crutches you need. These vary from state to state.

While these seem like good alternatives, one should take care and read reviews and ask for opinions before consulting these rental services as they may give out faulty crutches and services that might be unsatisfactory later. Always try these based on recommendations.

Try and make sure that you get the crutches that are adjustable. Often it is difficult to see at a glance whether the crutch is right for you or not. Adjustable crutches mitigate that issue quite a bit.

To the Stores I Go

Often some stores and even hospitals will offer crutches that can be rented. Similarly, like online rental services, do some research and get opinions before committing to said rentals.

Unlike online rental services, there are no shipping issues if you live far away, and you can easily test out and check whether the crutch is comfortable or not before renting it out. For these reasons, they are a good choice to go for when in need of a crutch.

How to Rent Crutches

First and foremost, pay proper attention to the details your doctor gave you regarding crutches. Follow them to the best of your ability and make sure your crutches have the proper measurements as specified.


If possible, try them out and walk with them before renting them out. Also, check to see if you can afford the rental rate, which is usually given. Some services will allow you to input your height and weight, which will narrow down to a list of possible crutches that might fit you.

After finding the crutch you need and being satisfied with the rental rate, you usually need to fill out a form with your details and specifying how long you’ll be using it. For online, this form can be filled out using either Google Forms, or the website has a web page that features said form. If required, show the doctor’s prescription.

Make sure to pay the rent as stated. For online services, check their payment methods and use them accordingly. They’ll usually keep a good track on your rented crutch. Some services require a security deposit.


Hopefully, this article gives you a good idea of where and how to rent crutches in case you need them. Stay safe and healthy readers!

  • Updated March 28, 2020
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