How to Use a Quad Cane? | Learn the Proper Way!

A quad cane is a bit different from other canes.

Unlike other canes, the quad cane has four small feet, which are extended from the base of the cane. Usually, each of the foot has a rubber cap, which reduces the possibility of any accident.

Nevertheless, it’s important that you learn how to use it properly before employing the tool as your support.

So, let’s get started!

Types of Quad Cane 

Before we get to know how to use a quad cane, you need to know the types of quad cane that are available in the medic shop. You should keep in mind that how you are going to use the quad cane will fully depend on the types of quad cane you are going to buy. 


A quad cane is made up of aluminum, which makes sure that it is lightweight. There are two types of quad cane available in the market. One is known as the wider base quad, and another is known as the narrow-based quad. According to the need of yours, you can decide which one to buy for yourself.

Wide-based quad canes are a bit heavier and have a larger base, which ensures good stability for the user. But it’s a bit on the heavier side. The user may find it a bit difficult to control it if they aren’t strong enough.

On the other hand, the narrow-based cane has a narrow base that lacks stability, but it is very easy to lift and control. It is very suitable for people who do not have enough strength due to injury or accident.

Quad Cane: Who Are the Users?

After any major accident or even sometimes a minor accident, your doctor may tell you to go for at least one and half months of bed rest. Particularly in that type of case, it is very difficult for anyone to move without any support.

And here comes the need for a quad cane. Sometime you may end up having a serious injury in your ligament or even mild fracture in your life, and that may limit your mobility.

It will also help you to go to the washroom by yourself and also to go to a super shop for buying foods and snacks. A quad cane is a must requirement for those who have problems of imbalance, weakness due to some kind of heart and ear problems. If you want to go upstairs or downstairs, this tool is far better than the wheeled walker.

In some therapy sessions, your physical therapist may advise you to increase your walking distance day by day after a certain period. Sometimes in some cases, if you don’t use your muscles for a long time, which can make them weaker. In that case, too, you would like to increase your walking time to keep the leg muscle active.

Also, it allows you to go for a morning walk in your neighborhood. One of the best things about quad cane is that it can stand by itself and will not fall on the ground. Thus, it has very good stability.

But you need to remember that it is not a pulling machine. Whenever you want to stand up from a sitting position, grip tightly, which will ensure you are using it properly.

Which Quad Cane to Choose? 

When you are going to choose a quad cane for you or your family member, make sure you are buying it after consulting with the physical therapist. Undoubtedly they are the best decision-maker in this quad cane buying process.


The two most important things to be considered in this case are weakness and imbalance level. If it seems like that you are too weak or having a balance problem, then a wide base quad can would be best for you.

On the contrary, if the level of your weakness and balance is quite okay, then you can go for a narrow base quad cane.

If the present reality is that you are using a wheeled chair or walker for walking purposes, you may progress to a quad cane with the permission of your physical therapist. Do not even try to make this decision by yourself. Just consult with your therapist that is it going to be synchronized with your current health condition.

In case your physical therapist reply positively, then he may help you to understand the methodology of using a quad cane.

How to Adjust Your Quad Cane?

If you are not able to fit the quad cane properly, then you may end up having problems in your arms and shoulders, which you don’t want for sure because you are already suffering from a health problem. So, if you carefully inspect, then you can see that a high height of the cane can give you shoulder trouble.

And a low height cane can give a hunched back because of leaning too much forward. Usually, the quad cane has a push button in it. Using this, you can adjust the user height. It is a great advantage for the user.

There are proper steps following which you can fix the right height of your cane. These are the following:

Step 1

Take the measurement of your height after wearing your shoes. Have a straight posture while standing. Let the arm loose on your side.

Step 2

The cane should be fixed in such a way so that the tip of the quad cane is at the same height as your arm wrist.

Step 3

Now, adjust the height of the cane using the push button.

What Should Be the Features of Your Quad Cane?

There are some specific attributes you should look at in your cane. You need to make sure you are not wasting your money.


It is one of the most important features of the cane. You should check the handgrip of the cane, whether they are comfortable enough for you. If there is a rubber-like pad across the grip, then it becomes easier to maneuver.


Height Adjustment System

The height of the quad cane is also very important. You don’t want to escalate other problems by buying a wrong cane for yourself. A short and fixed quad cane can create problems in your backbone by exerting pressure on it while walking with the cane.

A fixed quad cane can create pain in your wrist. Because the weight of the body is meant to be carried by the cane, not by your wrist or forearm. If there is a height adjustment system is in the cane, you can adjust it according to your needs.

Anti-Slip Rubber Tip

Not every cane in the market comes with an anti-slip rubber tip fixed with the feet of the cane. So while buying your one, you should ensure that it has an anti-slip rubber tip.

Because of this, you can move very easily in places where the ground level is not purely flat. Not only that, but you can also enjoy a good slow walk in a rough surface area.

Weight Capacity

If you are lightweight or a welterweight person, then weight capacity is not a big deal. But still, you should avoid buying any fragile cane which has a low weight-bearing capacity. While buying the quad cane, make sure the base is double plated, which will ensure the stability of the user.

How to Use the Quad Cane?

The very first time when you are going to walk with the quad cane, you may face some difficulties, but as time will pass, you will learn it eventually.

There are some specific steps that may help you to walk with the quad cane in a proper manner. These are the following:

Step 1

Grab and hold the quad cane with the hand that is on the opposite side of your weaker leg.

Step 2

The cane should be a little bit far but within reach for the easily comfortable hand grip.

Step 3

Move your weaker leg and the cane at the same time towards a forward position.

Step 4

Try to keep your elbow near to your body.

Step 5

If you have an injury in both legs, then you can hold the cane with the stronger hand, which will ensure your balance.

Step 6

Now walk as slowly as possible.

Step 7

Take little steps at first.

Step 8

If you gain enough confidence, then you can walk normally.

How to Use Quad Cane while Going Up the Stairs?

When you are going to climb stairs using your quad cane, the situation is going to be a bit different from the flat surface. You need to follow some steps. These are the following:


Step 1

Take the first step with the stronger leg.

Step 2

Make sure you have placed your foot securely and have enough balance.

Step 3

Now lean forward and take a step with both weaker leg and the cane.

Step 4

Repeat the same pattern for every step.

How to Use Quad Cane while Going Down the Stairs?

When you are planning to go to the lower floor, then you have to use the downstairs if there is no lift in your home. You can follow some steps which will make it easy for you to move downstairs. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Take a downward step into the first stair with the cane and the weaker leg.

Step 2

Then step down to the same stair with the leg which is not injured.

Step 3 

Try to remain straight.

Step 4

Do not lean forward too much to avoid falling from the stairs.

Step 5

Repeat the same step for every stair.

When to Stop Using the Quad Cane?

With the passing of the time, you will automatically achieve more strength and balance in your injured legs.


If you feel good enough, just talk to a doctor or physical therapist, and if he advises you to walk without it or to use a standard cane, then you should act according to that. On the other hand, if you are too old or have a lifetime injury, then it would be quite impossible for you to leave your quad cane permanently.

Which Place to Avoid with a Quad Cane?

You should try to avoid each and every single place, which is slippery. Not only that, but you should also avoid walking on any soft surfaces with the cane. Places like sea bitch, wet grassy garden, and the snowy road should not be in your walking area list.

It is because these surfaces pose a great threat to any injured person. In these areas, you will not be able to have stability with your cane and will be prone to injury as a result. Even if you own the best quad cane, it will not be able to achieve enough traction because of the surface.

Advantages of Using a Quad Cane

Here are some advantages of quad cane that you ought to know about.

Ease of Use

Undoubtedly, it is indeed a necessary thing for any injured person. It helps you to get mobility by providing enough support. You can easily carry this thing within your vehicle. A quad cane is also very easy to maneuver.

Reasonable Price

If you compare quad cane with the other mobility tools, then you will see that it is indeed a very cheap one to buy. Most of the people can buy it very easily due to the reasonable price.

Proper Support

It supports you well and helps you to make your life easier.

Disadvantages of Using Quad Cane

There is only two disadvantage while using a quad cane.

The first one is that there remains a little bit of probability to fall over due to any small mistakes by the user.

And the second one is that, unlike other mobility aid like a wheelchair, it can not offer a good amount of speed; rather, it slows down your speed.


By this time, you already have a brief idea about the quad cane. The invention of this amazing productive mobility aid was a blessing for all the injured people around the world.

It has replaced the old wood or bamboo sticks with its beneficial features. This is helping millions of people around the world.

If you are already suffering from a mild injury or serious leg injury, you should buy this one as soon as possible for your own comfort and good mobility.

  • Updated March 28, 2020
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