DIY Crutch Pads – How to Make Them at Low Cost?

Having a severe injury and needing a crutch is an experience none of us enjoy. It is bad enough having to deal with the pain of the actual injury and still being forced to move about because of work or simply because it is part of the healing process.

Also, it gets worse when the crutches start giving blisters and rubbing under your arms.

Here is where crutch pads come into play. These are basically protective coverings on the parts of your crutch that are in contact with your hands, namely the hand grip.

Today, we are going to walk you through how you can make these paddings at home without the need for any real expertise or expense.

So, let’s dive straight into the main topic.

Things You Will Need

Before we get to how you make these paddings, let us first go through the materials you will need. This is a basic list that covers everything you will need to make a standard DIY crutch pad at a reasonable price; additional things may be required if you have any specific requirements or preferences.

  • Padding

You can’t make crutch pads without the padding material itself. In other words, these are the stuff with which you will be covering those crutch parts so as to cushion your contact. This can be anything from layers of batting, to scrape fleece, to even wash towels.

  • Tape Measure

You’ll need it to cut fabrics and padding material according to the size that covers your crutch parts.

  • Scissors

You’ll also have to get scissors. They will help you to cut fabric and padding material.

  • Pins, Sewing Needles, Ribbons

All these are required for stitching your padding onto the crutch.

  • Fray Check

You’ll need it to serve as adhesive for holding it all together.

  • Sewing Machine

If you can carry out these tasks using a sewing machine, it would be easier and less energy-consuming. Although it comes with the need to learn to use a sewing machine, of course.


Making Your DIY Crutch Pad

Now that you have all you need, it is time to get started on that crutch pad. The steps are described below:

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric and Materials

Take a measure of the hand grip of your crutch and the top padding. Cut out rectangular shape pieces of your padding material and fabric, with one extra inch added on all four sides to allow for the length needed to cover the top.

Step 2: Place the Fabric over Your Crutch Parts

Place the padding material or fabric over the underside of the crutch part. Fold it in on itself over the hand grip or pad and use pins to hold it in place.

Step 3: Sewing

Now you simply have to sew the padding onto the crutch. If you are using a sewing machine, remember to take out the pins as you sew. In case you are not using a sewing machine, you can simply use iron-on hemming tape to attach the fabric to your crutch.

Final Remarks

What we have described is an easy and low-cost method of making your own crutch pads at home. Once you are finished, you can get more decorative too. We hope we have helped make that difficult period while you recover from injury, just a little bit easier.

And if you have any further queries regarding the process, give us a shout in the comments. We’ll try to help you out.

  • Updated March 28, 2020
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