Different Types of Canes Explained in Brief

You have been prescribed a cane by your doctor but you don’t know which one you should buy? Then this article is for you!

Now there are lots of variations of canes, and not all of them will suit you. You need to get one that will cater to your needs.

So, here, we’ll detail the different types of canes that you need to know about. After that, you’ll know exactly which one to pick for yourself.

What Is a Cane?

In the hospital, you see that most of the serious patients are walking with the help of a stick-like object and supporting the patients while walking. That stick-like object is known as cane. It helps you to move at a very slow pace, unlike the wheelchair.

People usually buy cane after having any major accidents or major diseases. For example, someone who recently had a bike accident and got a fractured left leg has to buy a cane so that he can move for his daily needs.


Someone having a heart blockage problem who is unable to walk properly is also in need of such supportive mobility aid like a cane.

Without using a cane, it would be quite impossible for these types of patients to move from even one room to another room in their own house.

Types of Cane

If you go to the market, you will find many types of cane, but you need to decide which one would be most suitable for you.

There are mainly six types of cane that are available in the market. These are the following:

Standard Cane

This cane is the most common type of cane because people buy it from their general understanding of needs while facing any leg injuries. It is usually made of wood or aluminum. Standard cane has a single leg stick that has an anti-slipping rubber tip in its bottom feet.


Aluminum made standard cane can take up to around 240 pounds of weight on it. But people weighing more than 300 pounds can not use it due to the weight-bearing limitations.

The handle of the cane also has a round shape handle. You will also see that the handle is covered with a high-quality rubber so that you can have a good grip on it.

A normal looking cane will not cost you a big amount of money. But if you are a person who wants to keep luxury even in your mobility aid, then there are options for you. You will find some high-quality finished products come with gold design on it, and that can cost you around $200-$300.


  • It can give you a little bit of support
  • Easy to find in the market
  • Easily portable


  • It can not provide too much support

Offset Canes

The similarity between a standard cane and an offset cane is very close. The main difference is in the shape of the offset cane. The shape of the handle looks like the word ‘’J’’.

It is made in such a way which can provide you a good balance if you are going through a weakness in your wrist due to an accident.

 Offset cane can help you to distribute your body weight over the shaft of your cane. That will increase your comfort level while using it. Because you do not need to hold it very tightly.


  • A good amount of weight distribution
  • More supportive than the normal standard cane
  • Do not require a tight grip on it


  • It can not stand on by itself
  • Not supportive like multi foot canes

Quad Canes

This is an amazing mobility aid which comes with four foot extended from its base. It also has a very good handle with it. Some of the quads can have a foam-covered handle with it.

You will also find the adjust button, which is known as a push button. Using that button, you can adjust the height of the cane according to your body height.


Four foot of the quad cane also has four anti-slip rubber fixed with it, which will help you from sudden fall.

It is usually made with aluminum. And it has a very good weight-bearing capacity. You do not need to worry if you want to carry it in your vehicle from one place to another. The best part of this cane is that it can stand on its own.

Basically, there are two types of quad cane you can find in the market. One is known as a narrow base quad cane, and another is known as a wide base quad cane.

A narrow base quad cane is best for those who need less support, while the wide base quad cane is best for those who need more support from the cane.


  • Four foot of the cane ensures more stability
  • It can stand straight without any support
  • Easy to find in the market
  • Height adjustment option is a great option for the user
  • This cane can take lots of weight pressure


  • It is not easy to maneuver like a single foot cane
  • The folding option is not there
  • A little bit heavy for a weaker person
  • Not easily portable for its four-leg shape

Folding Cane

It almost looks like a standard cane from outside, but the inside mechanism is fully different. This mobility tool is best for light use purposes.

Suppose you are going to a party and don’t plan to move too much, then it is perfect for you. But if you are planning to go out for a walk in your neighborhood, then it is not a good option at all.


Usually, it has a very comfortable handle, which allows the user to use it with a good grip on it. The best part of this cane is that you can fold it and carry it in your bag or luggage very easily. And the bottom part of the cane has an anti-slippery tip with it.

The height adjustment option gives the user to use it with the utmost convenience by fixing or adjusting the height of the cane according to their physique. Because of the folding system, it also adds a negative point that it is not as strong as the other cane which doesn’t have the folding option.


  • Weight of the cane is very low
  • Easily maneuverable
  • You can adjust the height
  • The folding option is there unlike other cane
  • Available in the market
  • Very much portable


  • Do not have a very strong built
  • Weight-bearing capacity is low
  • Can not use it for a regular walk

Seat Cane

This cane is a bit different than the normal standard cane because you will have a seat fixed with the cane. The best part of the cane is that it is also foldable. It has three feet of its own, which can give you good stability on the ground.


Although it would be very tough for you to control it because of the shape, it is definitely good for those people who become really exhausted after taking a few steps.

The weight-bearing capacity of the cane is more than 230+ pounds, which is a very good thing for the user. Because of the shape of the cane, it is not very easy to carry from one place to another.


  • Good for a cardiac patient
  • Provides enough stability


  • Tough to control the cane
  • Portability is very low

High Tech Cane

It comes in different shapes and sizes in the market. The most common high tech cane looks like a cane, which almost looks like a standard cane, but it has an inbuilt system that warns the user if it faces any small obstacles. It also has an anti-slip rubber at the tip of the foot of the cane. And this helps in maintaining balance.

This type of cane is usually made for the people who are blind or suffering from blurry vision. It helps the user to avoid creating a beeping sound or by vibrating it. There are electronic sensors fixed within the cane that allows it to do that.

Some of the manufacturers have also come up with a cane which helps you to walk more naturally. But that comes at a very high price. Manufacturers are yet struggling to produce a high tech cane which most of the common people can afford.


  • Less imbalance and more stability
  • Helps to maintain a natural posture
  • Good for eye patients


  • Price is very high
  • Too much obstacle detection reduce mobility


As you can see, there are different types of cane available in the market; it would not be very easy for you to buy the right one. You will be confused about which one to buy.

But having a minimum knowledge about the cane will help you to make a better decision for sure.

No matter what your mind says, do not try to buy without consulting with your doctor if you are a serious patient. On the other hand, if you are suffering from any mild injury, then you already have got an idea in this article.

  • Updated March 28, 2020
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