Top 5 Best Self Defense Cane | Your Weapon in Plain Sight!

Are you looking for an assistive tool that can protect you as well? Or are you just looking for a self-defense weapon that can be hidden well in plain sight? In any case, what you need is a self-defense cane.

Not all walking sticks are capable of providing top-notch protection. But the ones that surely go a long way and ensure your safety throughout various circumstances.

So, we will be providing sufficient information about the walking sticks that are great for both protection and assistance. Among these, you will surely find the best self defense cane for yourself.

Best Self Defense Cane Reviews

Self-defense canes are not always labeled as such. So, you need to pick the walking sticks that can be protective as well. Here’s a list of all those products; you can easily choose the best one for yourself here.

1. Vive Folding Cane - Foldable Walking Cane for Men, Women

If you are looking for a walking cane weapon, you surely want one with great strength. Well, here's good news for you- this product offers sturdiness at a very affordable price, which makes it easy for anyone to love it. 

First of all, this tool is conveniently collapsible. You will not have to face any hassle whenever you need this for assistance. It will collapse and lock in place. Even on different types of surfaces, the cane will never fail to be stable.

If you are worried about the portability of this tool, then stop fretting right away. Its compact body allows it to be transported by any means. You can carry the cane in your purse, briefcase, or even on a wheelchair bag.

The lightweight body of this tool makes it even easier to carry. With anodized aluminum construction, the body remains light yet durable. It can easily resist corrosion and rust, so you will not have to worry about replacement anytime soon.

Speaking of construction, the walking stick comes with an ergonomic soft-grip handle. The product can easily handle up to 250 pounds without straining your hands. For further assistance, it even includes a strap.

Now, this strap bounds the cane to the wrist. Hence, it will not fall if released. To make sure the stick doesn't slip off your hand, it is built with a slip-resistant rubber tip.

This cane is not made for short people. Even after proper adjustment, it still may be a little too tall for some. On the other hand, the stick is much thinner than what is shown in the images. That is a little misleading.


  • Conveniently collapsible
  • Comes with a compact body
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Includes an ergonomic soft handle with a strap
  • Can take up to 250 pounds and comes with a slip-resistant rubber tip


  • Uncomfortable to use for short people

2. Duro-Med Wooden Cane

Wooden self-defense tools are known for being sturdy and comfortable all at once. These are two aspects missing in a lot of its competitors simultaneously, which is what makes this product even more unique.

If you are seeking comfort along with protection, then this tactical cane will be the perfect one for you. Its wooden body will provide you with the utmost support; so, you can take it wherever you want with yourself, and you will face no discomfort.

For more convenience, the walking cane weapon comes with a curved handle. This feature will put minimal stress on your hands, which makes it ideal for long-term walks and usage. Moreover, the design also adds security for increased confidence when using the cane.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the height on this one. The entire length of the cane is 36 inches, which is suitable for really tall people. However, it can be altered and shortened for people of different heights.

You can use this on any surface whatsoever. The stick will remain stable while offering optimal assistance at all times. Even on an uneven road surface, the product will work perfectly. Also, You can easily transport this as well.

Its body is very lightweight, which makes sure you face no trouble when carrying it or using it. Therefore, this will be the perfect companion for your trips as well.

However, it comes with a large sticker attached to the handle. This is hard to remove. Hence, that can be a little annoying. Also, the product isn't very long-lasting and might fall apart after a few months of use.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Includes a curved handle
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Very lightweight body


  • Comes with a difficult-to-remove sticker
  • Isn't very long-lasting

3. Carex Wooden Walking Cane

If you are looking for a tactical cane that is both good looking and strong, then we have got great news for you. This commendable product offers both of these facilities and much more to keep you satisfied and comfortable.

One of the most important aspects of a cane is its strength. The product obviously cannot provide enough support if its sturdiness isn't up to the mark. That is why this tool comes with maximum robustness to assist you for a long time.

Isn't it quite a bummer when walking sticks bend after applying too much pressure on them? Well, that is not the kind of situation you will have to face this. It can handle up to 250 pounds of weight. So, it will remain intact even under a lot of stress.

More importantly, you wouldn't want to put a strain on your hands, as well. Hence, this self defense walking stick comes with an amazing handle, which only secures your grip further. Now you don’t have to worry about it slipping from your hand either.

This is a one-piece wooden cane, so you cannot alter its height regularly. However, since the stick is about 36 inches tall, you can easily cut it off from the end to shorten it, if necessary.

The cane's natural white ash appearance will appeal to both men and women. Moreover, its attractive finish lasts for a long time, as it doesn't flake or crack easily.

Sadly, this product smells of chemicals to some extent. That could be bothersome to some of its users. On the other hand, the cane is not tall enough for some people. Since its height is not flexible, there is no way to make it longer.


  • Offers optimal strength and sturdiness
  • Can handle up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Includes a comfortable grip handle
  • Length can be shortened
  • Comes with an attractive natural ash finish


  • Smells of chemical
  • Can be too short for some people

4. RMS Wood Cane

RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc.

This traditional stick is going to amaze you with its craftsmanship. If you are a fan of conventional canes but also want the utmost stability and protection, then here’s the perfect deal for you. After all, it is known as the best self defense cane for a reason.

First of all, this product is constructed using 100% natural wood. There is no added chemical or materials in it, which makes it completely authentic. Furthermore, this aspect of the tool also makes it long-lasting; so, you will not have to replace it anytime soon.

On top of that, to conserve the cane’s elegant appearance, it is carefully handcrafted. Each piece is separately cut and sprayed with a clear coating, which makes it shiny and keeps it weatherproof.

This product is very lightweight, but it is capable of handling a lot of pressure. With 1lb of weight, you can easily carry it around. Also, the cane will provide proper stability on any surface, so it is ideal for traveling.

Its anti-slip rubber tip ensures this stability. The tip is very durable and strong. Furthermore, it provides optimal friction between the ground and the stick. Hence, making sure the tool will never slip while you are using it.

If your height is between 5’4 to 5’6, then you are in luck. This product is approximately 36 inches tall, which makes it ideal for people of the aforementioned height range.

The handle of the product, however, is very fragile. As a result, it can break after a few weeks/months of use. Moreover, the cane is very thick, which makes the removal of the tip or cutting the stick quite difficult.


  • Made of 100% natural wood
  • Has a clear weatherproof coating
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes an anti-slip rubber tip
  • Approximately 36 inches tall


  • Fragile handle
  • Difficult to adjust the height

5. Southern Garden Tools Self-Defense Stun Gun Walking Cane

Southern Garden Tools

Are you looking for the best walking stick for self defense that will not only support you when walking but will also let you defend yourself? In that case, look no further. This product will stand up to all your expectations and even exceed them!

Why restrict your assistive tool to just about that? You can extend its uses and get yourself something that can keep you both mobile and fearless. This tactical cane conveniently fulfills both of its purposes, which makes it so amazing. 

This tool is ideal for both the elderly and the youth. People of all ages can use it as support to walk. It can provide convenient assistance on any surface, whether uneven or plain, doesn't make a difference.

Furthermore, this walking cane delivers about 1 million volts of power. Once you stun someone using this, you will not have to do it again to protect yourself; that is just how powerful the tool is.

On the other hand, it also includes a flashlight. You can easily use it to blind attackers. That is because the LED light is very bright and will catch your attackers off guard.

Moreover, the tool includes a built-in battery. You can conveniently charge it whenever necessary. The battery is long-lasting so, you will not feel the need to replace it, even after long term usage.

But here’s the catch. You cannot overcharge the battery for more than 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will overload and never work again. Moreover, the stun gun will not work if it’s not humid outside, sadly.


  • Can both protect and assist
  • Ideal for people of all ages
  • Delivers 1 million volts of power
  • Includes a bright flashlight
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Battery should not be overcharged for more than 15 minutes
  • The stun gun does not work if there’s no humidity

What to Look for before Buying? 

Walking sticks can be used as secret self-defense weapons, undoubtedly. However, not every cane is ideal for self-defense. So, you need to focus on the factors that make the tool apt for providing protection.

Hence, here’s a list of all the aspects that you need to keep in mind when getting yourself one of these protective tools.

Choose the Perfect Material

Canes are either made of wood or metal. While both of these are capable of offering protection, there are a few things to look out for when choosing either of them.

Wood is the most common type of material used to make canes. However, they are quite lightweight compared to their metal counterparts. This aspect makes them more prone to break down as well.

Metal canes are usually made of aluminum, although steel is also an apt option. These sticks are unbreakable and will survive even through the harshest of fights. But, since they are quite heavy, one might have trouble when fighting with them.

Get the Right Handle

When defending yourself, you should be able to hold the tool tightly. Not all canes provide this facility with solid assurance. Hence, there are certain types of handles that you should prefer above others.

Straight handles or slightly hooked ones are great for walking, but they are not as great when it comes to self-defense. So, you should not choose them.

What you should go for are round handles. The large hook will not only help you lock the limbs of your opponent, but it will also allow you to escape their grasp quite easily.

Make Sure It Has a Notched Shaft

If your cane comes with a notched gripping surface on the pole, then you are in luck! There are several benefits to this, and you should keep them all in mind when picking a walking stick.

First of all, the notched gripping is there to help you in the fight. That is because, when such a surface hits the opponent, it is more likely to cause pain or tear the skin, compared to its smooth-surfaced counterparts.

Sharp Tips

Rubber tips are convenient for those who are getting a cane for support and balance. But if you are getting a self defense walking stick, then that is not what you should be going for.

The reason is simple, the sharper the tip of the cane, the more pain it will be causing your opponent. One of the basic moves is to poke the attacker with the tip of the stick. To pull that off perfectly, a sharp bottom is necessary.

How to Use a Cane for Self Defense? 

It is hard to imagine that a tool as decent as a walking stick can be used for self-defense. But, the fact that this doesn't raise any questions in public happens to make it the best protective weapon available.

If you want to use a walking stick for protection, there are surely some tricks and techniques that you should be aware of. Here is a list of those rules to help you defend yourself even better.

Save Yourself from Rear Attacks

If someone comes up from the behind, turn and swing the cane as quickly as possible to hit the attacker. You can use the bottom of the cane to poke the attacker's hand or shoulder.

Use the Cane Shaft

When you see someone proceeding to punch you, hit them on the chest with the pole of the cane. This attack is often delivered on a 45-degree angle for greater impact.

Attack First

If the attacker is getting ready to attack, swing the cane to land the first hit. You can hit them using the tip of the tool, or you can also use the shaft. However, make sure you attack their weak points, so it takes time for them to recover and prepare to attack again.

Defend Yourself

Before your attacker gets to hit you, dodge the strike, and use the cane shaft to hit the upper torso of the person. You can also use the tip of the stick to hit the person's chin or hand. But, you should hit hard enough to make sure the attacker doesn't get to strike anytime soon.

Throw or Extend the Cane

When the attacker is coming at you, extend or throw the stick at them, while making sure the pointy direction is facing them. That way, before they get to reach you, they will get some injuries themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can folding canes be self-defensive? 

Surely, they can be. However, they are not recommended. That is because these tools are weaker. So, they can break down quite easily in the middle of a fight, and you surely wouldn't want that.

2. Are self-defense canes legal?

Walking sticks are known as medical devices and not weapons. Moreover, canes only needed for walking purposes are, at times, hard to differentiate from their protective counterparts. Hence, they are always legal.

3. Is it possible to travel with self-defense walking sticks? 

If it's a wooden stick, then, of course, however, metal canes might face some issues in airports. Although, that is okay too, most of the time, as they are viewed as tools needed for assistance.

4. What is the most recommended material for a self-defense cane?

If you want to purchase a metal cane, then surely aluminum. But, if the wood is what you want to go for, then choose persimmon or cherry-bark oak.

5. Does the height of a self-defense walking cane matter?

The height of the tool will matter if you are using it for assistance, as well. In that case, make sure the cane is half as tall as you. Otherwise, there is no need to fret about the height. The material and the handle should be your only concerns.

Final Words

A lot of people prefer self-defense canes because these can be used without raising any sort of suspicion in an environment. That said, with the right one, you will never have to feel unprotected or unsafe.

Get yourself the best self defense cane and start being fearless now!

  • Updated January 27, 2020
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